We are a church that believes God has called each and everyone to ministry.  If God calls us, then He will equip us to do the ministry as we make our selves available to Him.

Our philosophy of ministry is:  To be a body of believers worshiping God, reaching others, teaching others, and growing in the fellowship of being Christ-disciples.

Worship – to provide & establish a place where Christ disciples may gather ministering to God and others in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Evangelism – to reach out to others by sharing the Gospel with them in words and actions.

to provide outreach in our community, state, and in all the world through missions.

Discipleship – to effectively teach & encourage others to mature spiritually.

to equip Christ disciples for their place of ministry and service to God.

use the infallible Bible and guidance of the Holy Spirit in teaching.

Fellowship – to include others in times of refreshing to know and experience God daily in our lives.

We will be involved in ministry to God and others, invest in others to become Christ disciples, instruct to mature in Christ and include all to become a Christ disciple.


TO be a “body of Christ disciples” worshiping God, evangelizing our community, state and world, making disciples, in the fellowship with each other, in the power of the Word and Holy Spirit.